Catching a breath & catching up.

Another two months have slipped by, since I last posted. Life can get busy. It’s about to get really busy for me again. But first, I’ll try to recall 2 month’s worth of memories.

Merlefest was a blast. Seeing my boy, and the band he plays for, take the main stage with Tony Rice was an experience, to say the least. Just 2 years prior Aaron was out in the tremendous field, with me, watching Tony play with Alison Krauss & Union Station on the same stage. This time, I viewed it from the side of the main stage and got a few pics of that as well.

May seemed to be a blur, filled with lots of rainy days and some good BBQ on Memorial Day weekend. When rainy periods come our way, I hear lots of people complain. Not me. Just last summer, up and down the Catawba River (water source for most towns between Marion, NC and Charlotte, NC) you were hearing about drastic measures that may have to be taken to insure that folks would have enough water to live on. Mikey don’t complain about rain. You die without water.

Kate finished her third year of college in mid May and found out in late April that she’d have to attend a summer semester in order to get two classes under her belt that her advisor hadn’t told her about. These were classes required to be at a full Junior status, prior to her beginning her Senior year of college this fall. So, immediately after Memorial Day, she had to traipse back up the mountain to Boone, to begin 2 classes per day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks. After about 2 weeks, though not happy about being in a 4 bedroom apartment by herself, she told me she wished all her classes could be like this. She said she was retaining what she was learning easier, due to doing the same classes every day. She comes home later today. Her only requirements remaining are 10 hours of volunteer work to be ready. She’ll get that next week.

Since Merlefest, Aaron has traveled to GA, VA (2x), PA, NC (3x), TN, KY, CO, and he will play in SC tomorrow. One of the NC dates was here in our hometown of Morganton, NC, when Mountain Heart played a show with Tony Rice AND Terry Baucom. There are videos up on YouTube. He is continuing his efforts at getting his newest recording finished when he is not traveling. His is a hectic life. I think they have 9 or 10 dates in July alone.

My wifey has been home for the past couple of weeks trying to get her house back in order. The end of each school year is so full, she gets to a point of giving up on tending house after finishing folders before the end of a school year, becoming informed about new students for the upcoming year, doing EOG testing for about 2 weeks, along with other duties. She’s catching up house stuff now.

My little Momma spent about a week in the hospital, coming home 2 days ago. Breathing difficulties are hard to live with and much harder to witness it happen to your Momma, for me. She’s doing much better and back at HER house.

Next week begins The 6th Annual Red White and Bluegrass Festival. Since last year, I have stepped out of the performance part of this event and have fully stepped into the role of event co-producer. I’ll have 4 solid 12 to 14 hour days in a row beginning next Wednesday, July 1st. There will be volunteers (Kate is one of many), many City Rec personnel, vendors, artists, sound crew and others that will contribute time and effort in July heat to pull this event off. We are expecting a great crowd and if advanced sales are an indicator, we’ll have a TREMENDOUS bunch of folks visiting our fair city to experience bluegrass.

Speaking of bluegrass, I’ve also had the wonderful opportunities to see Earl Scruggs in Charlotte, NC and his hometown of Shelby, NC since my last post. He turned 85 in January of 2009 and is still hammering the banjo. A very humble man, it is truly and honor to be able to be in his very gracious presence and see other folks travel from across the entire country to share in his talents. His boyhood home still stands in Cleveland County and I’ve also been afforded the very good opportunity to visit it myself. From such humble beginnings, greatness sprang forth.

I hope to be able to do a recap of the festival in a couple more weeks. I may have to catch my breath first.

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