Empty House

For me and the missus. Yesterday Aaron left for Nashville and has been recording on someone else’s CD today and will hopefully finish that up tomorrow. Then, he will remain there and work on some pre-production recording on what potentially will be a new recording for Mountain Heart. He may be back home on Friday or maybe Saturday. Labor Day weekend will find him in England as the band travels over there. You can check his schedule at http://www.aaronramseyonline.com

Saturday was spent hauling Katie and her belongings back up 321 North to Boone, NC, as she starts her final year of college. We planned good. She packed up her stuff on Thursday and Friday, we loaded it into 2 vehicles and got into bed early, rested well and got an early start for the move on Saturday AM. We left early, got a bit of breakfast and had her finished up by about 2 PM. Then me and Momma Nagee went to The Mast General Store, stopped by one of those roadside apple stores and made our way back home by about 6 PM.

It’s quiet here this week. I enjoy the quietness, but I do miss the noise. These children have made noises in our home for over 24 years now (for one of them, at least). Some times the noise is musical, sometimes it’s just loud goofiness. I fully participate in both.

Recently, a week was spent in quiet Holden Beach, NC. There were quiet times, for reading, napping, resting, relaxing and then there were times for swimming, dancing, singing, goofiness, cooking, eating and things or activities that we don’t get to participate in during our regular day-to-day lives. I learned what the old country term “cyarn” means, by reading some Horace Kephart, who helped to study and document some of the wilds of the extreme western parts of the North Carolina mountains.

We swan in the relative ‘wildness’ of the ocean surf, feeling fish nibble at our legs and feeling crabs and skates underneath our feet. I love that place. I live in the edge of the mountains and will probably be here or at least in the region, for the rest of my life. But I will, from time to time, visit Holden Beach, as I have for the past 20+ years. It has such a calming effect on me. I think part of it is due to the ‘smallness’ of that community. Not a lot of flash and loudness or crowds, so often found at some vacation spots.

We’re gearing up for the 7th annual Red White and Bluegrass Festival. This year’s festival was a blast, even though I worked my tail off (as did others). Next year’s festival will be a bit bigger and hopefully, a bit better. More info about that here: http://www.redwhiteandbluegrassfestival.com I’m sure if you search, you can find videos and photos galore, from this year’s event.

Life. It has it’s twists and turns, it’s ups and downs and it just keeps rolling along. I like roller coasters.

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