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If you read my post from last June about the end of The Linville Ridge Band, I think it speaks of being involved for 25 years in music. The making of it, the promotion of it, the business end of it, the whatever… far.

At the time, it was a love/hate thing to have to do. Make that choice. But the end result demonstrated that it was the right move to make. I’ve picked with my buddies from that band in jams and we’re still all good friends.

Now, since I’ve had that break, my creative juices are flowing again. I’m interested in song writing again and feel I have some spare time to devote towards that. I have one song started that, hopefully, will end up being co-written with one of my songwriting heroes. I helped another known Gospel songwriter write parts of 2 songs last week.

I have collaborated with my son on several songs over the past couple of years. Aaron will include some of them on his upcoming recording. Most of the time, I write lyrics and he comes up with chord structure, rhythms and melody. I like to be there during that process, seeing and hearing him invent music.

One of my main problems is that I like too much stuff! I like fly fishing, camping, bike riding (I need to do more of that), bluegrass, watercolor painting, photography, reading, writing, songwriting, other forms of art including pottery, Japanese woodcut prints, so, you see part of my problems is that I have too many interests. I wish I could participate in the making of the Japanese prints and making pottery. Their both beautiful, to me, at least.

But the festival in my hometown now sort of takes precedence. I never dreamed nearly 30 years ago, that a festival of this sort could ever be the hit that is, in our fair little town. I don’t take any credit for it, but it really feels good to be able to contribute to the production of it.

When you hear that from other folks that are involved in producing events like MerleFest, GreyFox, WinterGrass, Fan Fair @ IBMA, and on down, it’s hard to understand what they really mean.

For me, seeing the festival being a success is sometimes nothing more than seeing that throng of people come to listen to music and a lineup that you had a hand in putting together, seeing a young kid getting up the nerve to get his/her instrument out in front of total strangers and feel like he’s their new best friend due to music, hearing a jam cranking up as most of the listeners are leaving the festival grounds at the end of the days stage schedule, and having people come up to you that you’ve never met before and feeling like you’ve known them all your life when you start to talk about that day’s music.

If I have any advice to offer to anyone, it is this. If you want to contribute to something that is of great interest to you, TRY or get involved. Participate. I know I’m not guaranteed to live to see the sun come up tomorrow. So, I’ve got to be busy, doing what I can do, TODAY.

Now, if we’ll all get out our hymnals and turn to page…….

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